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Meat Industry News is the English-language daily online news service for the global meat sector. Available as a free-access website and also as newsletters which provides weekly news to subscribers. Meat Industry News supplies worldwide news and information about beef, pork and poultry and related topics for slaughterhouses, cutting plants, the meat product industry, large-scale craft businesses and supplier companies with an international customer base. Geared to the requirements of practical operations, the news address the topical issues of interest to the industry. These include the machinery and technology of meat processing and meat product production as well as packaging, quality assurance, business management, market research and sales.

Our service seeks out news of high value to decision-makers in the meat industry across the world.

Meat Industry News satisfies the information needs of players in the industry who operate on a global scale and reports on international market developments. The target group for our news services are company owners, qualified personnel and sales staff from the butcher’s trade, responsible persons and decision makers in slaughterhouses, the meat processing industry as also meat wholesale executives from retail food trade and the supply industry.

With that said, new and more advanced as well as genuinely sophisticated meat processing techniques are beginning to appear on the market these days. Hence, if you are in the industry, odds are, you will always be interested in learning more about the products and the meat equipment that is currently available on the market.

 And, of course, if you are a meat manufacturer, odds are, you are going to be off looking for the most reliable source of info on the matter. Well, while there are plenty of those readily available on the net, odds are, you will be off looking for the most reliable one out there. Well, if that is the case and you are therefore already browsing the World Wide Web, trying to find out which is the ideal option namely for you, we simply cannot help but recommend you to definitely learn much more about the best meat production news out there at the earliest opportunity. 

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