Amazon Go - Grocery store without cashiers

Amazon Go - Grocery store without cashiers

Amazon Go, the first Amazon physical store located on the ground floor of the company’s new headquarters in downtown Seattle, finally be opened to the public on monday. The so-called store of the future, which will offer a checkout-free experience to people, was initially slated to open in March last year. However, due to undisclosed circumstances, the plan didn’t push through.

The entrance of the store is lined with a row of gates, only allowing people with the Amazon Go smartphone app entry to the store. Inside, you’ll find a wide variety of on-the-go foods such as salads, beverages, and ready-to-eat meals for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and packed with shelves of food that you find in most of other convenience stores. But the technology that is inside, mostly tucked away out of sight, enables a shopping experience like no other. There are no cashiers or registers anywhere. Shoppers leave the store through those same gates, without pausing to pull out a credit card. Their Amazon account automatically gets charged for what they take out the door. The whole place is equipped with a proprietary technology that monitors every single item being taken from the shelves, as well as, all the people that walk in and out of the store.

There are no shopping carts or baskets inside Amazon Go. Since the checkout process is automated, what would be the point of them anyway? Instead, customers put items directly into the shopping bag they’ll walk out with. Every time customers grab an item off a shelf, Amazon says the product is automatically put into the shopping cart of their online account. If customers put the item back on the shelf, Amazon removes it from their virtual basket.   

Over the years, Amazon has made it clear that they’re all about innovation. From introducing some of the best smart home technologies to revolutionizing our online shopping experience, the company definitely has no plans of slowing down. Now, its latest venture is all set to change the retail industry by providing people with a faster shopping experience.

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