China launches meat safety rules

China launches meat safety rules

The Food and Drug Administration of the State Council announced the plan in a recent announcement and called for the establishment of a local "safe" meat demonstration market, the sale of meat and other fresh food.

Local food safety departments under the jurisdiction of local governments are also required to announce specific plans by September and have to carry out promotional activities to promote the establishment of supermarkets so that consumers and other retailers can understand the high standards and traceability of food safety represented by these supermarkets.

Demonstration supermarkets must publicize the names, locations and other details of all their suppliers in the store and on the Internet. Most supermarkets in Beijing lack such information. In these supermarkets, fresh meat is cut on the counter, and other brands of meat are sold in the channel.

The State Department's notice also mentions the establishment of a "mentoring" supermarket in each town, which will serve as a training person for other retailers. In a highly competitive market, this is an extraordinary and generous move.

The retailer will accept the annual review of the State Food and Drug Administration. Those demonstrations that are not up to standard will be removed from the list of demonstration stores for two years. Considering the concerns of Chinese consumers about food safety and the success of niche retailers in recent years by embracing consumer psychology and selling products at high prices, this punishment is economically devastating.