Four new high speed lines for a five-story plant in South Korea

Four new high speed lines for a five-story plant in South Korea

Marel Poultry has been selected by Harim Co., South Korea, to be the main supplier for themodernising Harim's factory in Iksan, a city in southwest of South Korea. Harim Group and Marel Poultry know each other well, that most of Harim's production plants are already equipped with Marel Poultry equipment.

Iksan factory will be completely modernised by using solutions from Marel Poultry. It will be extended to six production lines and two existing lines will be reused. Harim decide to  install four new high speed lines, which will move this plant into one of the largest processing facilities for poultry in Asia. When Harim's plan for the seventh line becomes operational, it will be one of the largest processing plants in the world.

The four new Marel Poultry lines will make use of the newest technologies in scalding, defeathering, evisceration and chilling. Stork Nuova, the with integrated giblet harvesting line will be at the heart of the evisceration section. All four lines will include low maintenance, self-calibrating high speed SmartWeighers.

Such an big poultry plant cannot work without the necessary digital solution. Innova food processing software will ensure the overall monitoring of all equipment installed at this new lines. The of the size of the factory and preventive maintenance is an important issue to protect the production process about unnecessary downtime. 

Chairman Kim has a clear vision of the industry, "Harim wants to be more open about poultry processing. That is why we open our doors to everyone who is interested in poultry processing. We like to show how our high speed lines succeed in producing good quality and healthy chicken meat with a strong focus on hygiene, food safety and good working conditions."