Philippine to lift ban for meat imports from Brazil

Philippine to lift ban for meat imports from Brazil

Philippine government official Emmanuel F. Piñol offered that the ban on shipments from Brazil foreign meat establishments (FMEs), which exported meat tainted with salmonella to the Philippines in July, could be lifted “anytime soon”. 

“So far, the team did not find anything negative,” he said when asked about the initial results of the inspection.

National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) Executive Director Ernesto S. Gonzalez confirmed that the team from the Department of Agriculture (DA) has recently completed the inspection of suspended Brazil meat processors. Brazillian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) Vice President Ricardo Santin told the that his group is confident the ban on meat products from Brazil would be lifted within the month.

“The inspection of Brazilian plants by Philippine authorities proceeded with no hitches. We are waiting for the report from the Philippine government,” Santin said. “We are optimistic that the ban on Brazilian plants will be lifted in October.” Should the DA allow the resumption of shipments from Brazil this month, he said the meat products would reach the Philippines just in time for Christmas.

Santin reiterated ABPA’s statement that the ban should not have been imposed in the first place given the stringent food-safety measures imposed by the Brazilian government. “Brazil has a trustworthy system, quality products and the most stringent measures to ensure animal health,” he said.

Last year Brazil exported 55,581.853 metric tons of meat and meat products to the Philippines. The figure was 5.86 percent higher than the recorded in 2015.