The all-rounder in forming

The all-rounder in forming

The advantages of the linear technology of the double blades are:  freely positionable, adjustable speed and acceleration, programmable power, controlled and soft movements can be synchronized.

A thereby achieved dynamic allows a multiple number of forms, like dumplings and meat balls, Cevapcici, Köfte and croquettes, potato noodles, olive forms and more.

The 4-line filling flow divider with 4 rotors guarantees a precise product supply, accurate to the gram. Blade contours are designed with a 4-times perforation, so that diameters from 10 – 32 mm can be produced. The maximum performance is 1000 portions per minute. Two designs of the FTDM 162/4 are available, so  in combination with the Convenience-Line-Basic (CLB), for a further transport of products after the   forming process, or  via the stand alone version to be forwarded to a thermal treatment.

Efficiency due to multiple possibilities of use with a high output quantity is the trump of the new C-Line systems made by Heinrich Frey Maschinenbau. Due to the flexible possibilities of use of FTDM 162/4, users can save themselves of a multiple choice of different equipment. 

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