Transition of Accles & Shelvoke completed

Transition of Accles & Shelvoke completed

The new identity for Accles & Shelvoke has been introduced as part of the process of merging the company into the Frontmatec group. The new brand incorporates a refreshed logo which has been designed to reflect the new approach and ideas that the Danish group has brought into the Birmingham based company.

By retaining their historic name and combining it with the leading equipment manufacturer, Accles & Shelvoke’s new brand reflects its bigger and stronger position in the captive bolt stunning market as part of the world-leading customized solution provider for the food production industry. Jesper Gade, Global Marketing Director for Frontmatec explained that the new brand for Accles & Shelvoke reflects the evolving focus and standards of the group. 

Accles & Shelvoke was acquired by Frontmatec in May 2017, as the Danish company looked to offer a full product and service solution to the red meat industry. The addition of Accles & Shelvoke to the group has given Frontmatec a large share of the global captive bolt equipment market.

For over 100 years, Accles & Shelvoke have sold their Cash branded captive bolt stunners across the world to businesses involved in meat production - from large and small meat plants to on-farm dispatch requirements.

The Cash range of cartridge powered captive bolt stunners are the pioneering tools for the humane stunning of animals before slaughter that has contributed immensely in improving animal welfare practices in the meat industry.

Also retained is the Acvoke brand for their range of unique Cable Spikers safety tools, which are used worldwide in the electrical distribution sector and are the safest and most effective way of ensuring high voltage cables are dead and safe to work on. Like Cash, the Acvoke brand pays tribute to the other two founders of the business - engineer James Accles and industrialist George Shelvoke.

By continuing with Cash and Acvoke, Accles & Shelvoke have ensured that the legacy of the key founders of the business continues.

Source: Accles & Shelvoke