US sales of organic food jump more than 8%

US sales of organic food jump more than 8%

The sales jump of 8.4% in organic food compared to an increase of 0.6% at the overall US food market sales. Overall US organic sales were about 47 bn. USD in 2016. Sales for organic non-food products increased 8.8% to 3.9 bn. USD. Organic food reached now 5.3% of the total sales of food in the United States.

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Organic fruits and vegetables, the largest category, accounted for nearly 40% of all sales at organic food, rising 8.4% to 15.6 bn. USD in 2016. Organic fruit and vegetables made up almost 15% of the produce that Americans ate in 2016.

Sales of organic meat and poultry rose more than 17% in 2016 to $991 mill. Organic dips and organic spices, although still smaller categories, recorded double-digit jumps in sales. Organic dip sales increased 41% to $57 mill., and organic spice sales increased 35% to $193 mill.

More than 60% of all organic food companies with stuff of more than five employees reported an increase in full-time employment in 2016.